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Please note Government changes mean from 20th July 2020, Telehealth GP providers are required to have an existing and continuous relationship with the patient in order to provide Medicare rebate-able Telehealth Services. Relationship is defined as having visited our Practice face to face in the last 12 months.

Standard billing Practices apply for Telehealth consultations.
Please call the practice for available appointments.
New Patients Always Welcome.

Making Appointments

Our practice operates on an appointment system with 15-minute time slots.

Appointments can be made in person at the receptions desk, by telephone or online via your computer or mobile phone.

If you require longer than 15 minutes, please ask at time of booking for a longer appointment. For example, if you have complex conditions, multiple issues and counselling. (you will be required to rebook for additional issues, if you have not requested a Longer consultation)

On arrival, it is important to let reception staff know you are present by presenting at the reception counter or checking in using the Self Check in Kiosk.

If your problem is urgent, e.g. chest pain or shortness of breath, please tell the receptionist immediately.

Emergencies can happen, causing unavoidable delays in the appointment schedule. We will endeavour to keep you up to date if we are running late.

Request an Appointment

New Patients

New patients are required to be at the practice 15 minutes prior to the doctor’s appointment time.

We require you to complete a New Patient Information & Consent Form and a Medical History form.

Prior to your appointment you will see one of our nurses who will review your medical history and enter all the details into your medical file.

To ensure you are not delayed for the appointment we ask that you download both forms and have them completed prior to your arrival at the clinic.

New Patient Form Medical History Form

Fees Effective July 2023

(Surcharges Apply to all EFTPOS transactions)

Pension Card (Blue)

  • $16.35 out of pocket, Monday to Friday (8:00am to 5:15pm)
  • $24.35 out of pocket after 5:15pm & Weekends
  • GAP $55 for excisions at ALL times

Health Care Card

  • $24.35 out of pocket at ALL times
  • GAP $65 for excisions at ALL times 

Private Patient (16 years and over)

  • $44.60 out of pocket at ALL times
  • GAP $85 for excisions at ALL times 

Children (15 years & under)

  • $16.35 out of pocket, Monday to Friday at ALL times
  • $24.35 out of pocket on Weekends
  • GAP $55 for excisions at ALL times

Students Full Time (16 years & over)

  • $24.35 out of pocket at ALL times
  • GAP $65 for excisions at ALL times 

DVA & Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders

  • Bulk Billed at ALL times

Out of pocket costs

To reduce your out-of-pocket costs, it is extremely important that your concession details are up to date in our records.

Please always have your Concession Card with you. 

If you Register for My Medicare program your out-of-pocket costs will be reduced even further for some item numbers.

You can Register Here:

Our fees are set well below recommended AMA rates to ensure they remain affordable.

The Actual Consultation Fee must be paid in Full prior to the Rebate being Processed.

We have intentionally kept the GAP for all consultations not involving additional tests or procedures (such as ECG, spirometry, excisions etc.), uniform, relating to your Concession Status.

Any additional procedures required will add a further Gap Fee however the maximum daily Gap is capped at $85 for Private, $65 for Health Care Card Holders and $55 for Pensioners.

Although the out-of-pocket expense increases in line with the Consultation time, we encourage patients to book longer appointments where you expect that extra time is required (such as complex conditions, multiple problems, depression and stress etc.)

Requesting the appropriate length Consultation at the time of booking, will assist us in running to time, ensuring shorter waiting times. **You will be required to rebook at another time if you have not booked the appropriate length appointment.


All accounts must be settled on the day of service, no accounts are issued.

Fees may be paid by cash or Card. (Surcharges Apply to all EFTPOS transactions)

Consultation/ Item number

Practice Fee

Discount fee/ HealthCare Card / Full time student


Medicare refund

Standard Consultation
(6-19 Minutes)




(Item 23)

long Consultation
(20 – 39 minutes)




(Item 36)

prolonged Consultation
(40-59 minutes)




(Item 44)

Mental Health Plan
(up to 20 minutes)




(Item 2715)

Mental Health Plan
(above 20 minutes)




(Item 2717)

Review Mental Health Plan




(Item 2712)

Antenatal visit




(Item 16500)

(20 – 39 minutes)




(Item 197)

(40-59 minutes)




(Item 199)

Flu Shot






Punch Biopsy




(Item 30071)


(GAP only paid on day)

$85 gap

$65 gap

$55 gap





Bulk Billed

(Item 11707)




Bulk Billed

(Item 11506)




Bulk Billed

(Item 11306)

Pregnancy test



Bulk Billed

(Item 73806)


It is our practice policy to charge a fee of $41.40 for failing to attend appointments and a $21.00 fee if you cancel your appointment with less than 2 hours’ notice.

Time is our most precious commodity - as a courtesy to your Doctor and other patients please be considerate of their time.

We have a cancellation list for patients most days, it may be yourself or a family member or someone you know that benefits from advising us when you can’t make your appointment.

Home visits

Home visits are available for regular patients of this practice whose condition prevents them from attending the surgery and prior arrangement made with the individual doctor.


We are committed to providing teaching placements for health professional. This includes:

  • GP Registrars
  • Medical students
  • Nursing students
  • Allied Health students
  • High school work experience

You will be informed if there is a Third-Party observing consultations on the day of your appointment. If you have any concerns with students being present during your consultation please let your doctor, nurse or receptionist know. You are under no obligation to allow a third party to observe and your healthcare will not be compromised if you decline.